Price List

Cutting & Finishing

StylistSenior StylistCreative StylistSalon DirectorArtistic Director
Cut & Blow Dryfrom…£38.50£42.50£46.00£61.00£79.00
Wet Cutfrom…£27.50£32.50£37.00£46.00£56.00
Blow Dryfrom…£25.50£27.50£31.00£41.00£48.00
Children (0-8 Years)from £16.00
Hair Upfrom £50.00
* Restyles will incur an additional charge of £10.00 on top of cuts.
** An additional charge of £10.00 will be added for long and thick hair and an addition charge of £5.00 will be added for long hair across all services.


Colour Services

TechnicianSenior TechnicianColour TechnicianColour ExpertArtistic Director
Full Headfrom...£41.95£48.25£50.35£52.45£56.65
1st Time Colourfrom...£50.35£53.35£55.60£57.70£62.95
Full Headfrom...£49.30£53.50£55.60£57.70£61.90
1st Time Colourfrom...£54.55£58.35£60.85£62.95£66.10
* Super nurturing Ammonia-free hair colour, with intralipid technology resulting in 20% better hair quality.
COLOUR CORRECTION / CREATION – Please ask our experts for your personalised price to correct or change your colour. Colour policy: New colour clients must book a free consultation with the stylist carrying out the colour and pay a 50% deposit. Consultation includes a skin test.

Foil Highlights

Full Head – 1 Colourfrom £106.00
Full Head – 2+ Coloursfrom £111.25
T-section – 1 Colourfrom £85.10
T-section – 2+ Coloursfrom £90.25


Short Hairfrom £49.30
Long Hairfrom £58.75

Colorance – Demi-permanent colour

Short Hairfrom £45.10
Long Hairfrom £95.50

Floods Colours

Floods Colourfrom £26.25


Lightening Techniquefrom £16.00


Selection of perms availablefrom £56.00

Pure Pigments

3D Colour Effectfrom £10.00

Hair Treatments


Bondpro+ – Protects & strengthens hair

Single treatmentfrom £20.00
Leave in treatmentsfrom £5.00
60 second treatmentsfrom £5.00
Other treatmentsfrom £15.00


Kerasilk – A complete smoothing service

Smoothing Service (3-5 months)from £162.75 (POA)

Wedding Packages


Bride – Prices include first trial

Short Hairfrom £175.00
Long Hairfrom £245.00